Reverse Search Engine Optimization

Automotive Reverse Search Engine Optimization

The time to start your Automotive Reverse Search Engine Optimization campaign is NOW - before trouble strikes and the damage begins to gain momentum in the search engines. In a short time, you'll be glad you did.

Reverse Automotive Reverse Search Engine Optimization/SEO fits seamlessly within the context of your online reputation management (ORM) program. It is the quickest, most effective solution for dealing with bad press that has surfaced on the search engines about you or your company. By pushing negative listings from the front page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, reverse SEO shields you from the damaging commentary of others. You've seen it on Google Reviews, DealerRater, RipOffReports, etc... Don't become the next victim.

The growing popularity of social networking platforms has made it easier than ever for anyone with a mild grievance to give weight to their grudge. If you or your company have been the target of bad press online, it may be time to launch a reverse SEO campaign.

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Reverse SEO Begins Before Negative Press Emerges, Your Good Reputation Depends on it.

The best time to launch a reverse SEO campaign is before bad publicity appears in the search engines. This is due to the way that the pages link. A page will rank well within the search engines if there are enough thematic links pointing toward it. However, once it ranks, it will gain exposure. That exacerbates the problem.

Negative press can spread rapidly as people attach the press to their own blogs, sites, forums, and social media accounts. That creates a growing portfolio of links pointing toward the damaging press, cementing its position in the top listings. It becomes more difficult to address. By launching a reverse SEO campaign upfront, you can prevent the negative publicity from gaining exposure in the first place.

Just like Search Engine Marketing / Optimization, reverse SEO uses a methodical, multi-pronged approach to protect your online reputation. First you need to identify and monitor the sites and pages that contain negative publicity or anything about your company good or bad and that are ranking for important keywords like your company name, employees, brand, etc.

Control your Online Reputation Management With Reverse SEO

Reverse SEO should play a key role in your online reputation management program. It is far too easy for unsatisfied customers, resentful employees, lazy journalists, and malicious competitors to tarnish your name. And when it happens, it is usually done under the cover of anonymity. Anonymity makes the complaint or grievance impossible to address in private.

Second goal of reverse SEO

Analyze those sites and pages for their respective ranking authority. That will help you determine the effort and tools you'll need to use in order to move them from the first page of listings within Google, Yahoo, and Bing. A negative PR blitz that is spreading across social networking sites is more difficult to overcome than a single blog post that is on a non-authoritative domain.

Next is to gather the necessary tools and execute your reverse SEO campaign. Such tools might include optimized press releases, a new network of competing sites and blogs, social media profiles, and a social bookmarking program. Reverse SEO may also include heavy content syndication to build high-quality links.