Local Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization for Automotive Dealers

Local Business Listings for the Automotive Dealers are a must in today's Strategic Efforts. The Local Listings are free right now to build and manage, on Google, Yahoo and BING (MSN). Local Business Search Marketing Specifications. Post Categories, Store Hours, Phone Numbers, Address, a Correct Marker on the Map representing your location, you can Post Pictures of the Dealership, people, Events, Videos, etc... This is a great placement on the top of the Unpaid Results within the Search Engine and offer a prominent placement on the Results Page for many Local Keywords, Such as Broad Keywords, Such as or this dealership; Toyota, Toyota Dealer, New car Dealer, Used Cars for Sale, etc...

The one thing to look out for are the Social Networks attaching themselves to the Local Listing. Some of the Networks or Social Marketing Directories are or can be a negative impact to your Marketing Efforts. If you have not seen RipOffReport yet, hopefully you will not ever seen your name on this directory. But it is an unusual business model to say the least. This is where the term, Reputation Management comes into play. Once you start Social Marketing, you need to be ready to maintain the Same. You can not walk away. The management skills for Social Marketing is mainly based on Work Ethics, it takes a lot of work and management to stay ahead of your reputation.

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Google understands the importance of its Local Search

Google Local works geographically, so you don't have to worry about adding demographics to your Search Query or misspelling... Check it out by doing a search, clicking on "show options" and selecting "Nearby." You can choose to see results nearby either your default location or a custom location, and you can narrow down to results at the city, region or state level.

If you have not done so it is time to get started, these 3 steps are a good place to start:

For some keywords (for example "Car Dealer"), Google shows local results at the top of the search result list. These websites aren't listed at the top because they have good content or good backlinks. They are listed at the top because they fit to the geographic area of the search query, all the following factors check out or are correct on the website and match the listing as best practices. If keywords that show local results are relevant to your business, it is important to be listed in the local search results.

  1. Ensure your address details are included across your website (footer or header). When including your address, make sure to cover off the suburb, major city, state etc. This will help to ensure your included no matter what filter the user includes.
  2. Google Local Business Listing is a must for your business. Google will naturally be using its local business database to help assign locator data to its natural index.
  3. Gather links from Local centric sources. Links from local groups, councils etc will help to identify your website as a key information source from a local area.

What to do for Business Owners?

In no particular order here are things to consider if you have a business that depends on local business: Reputation management is at a whole new high now that review ratings are exposed so readily to searchers. What to do: Start building your reviews as soon as possible by initiating a customer outreach program requesting feedback on various online profiles. Be certain to monitor your profiles regularly and respond appropriately to any issues that arise.

In many cases the business description used in local search results is being sourced from the Meta Description tag on the associated business page. What to do: Ensure your Meta Description tag is crafted to drive traffic. You need to keep in mind the tag has absolutely no weight in how your website is ranked so you can freely optimize the tag for improving click-throughs to your site; this is your chance to win over the searcher.

Google Sitelinks are being used for some businesses in the results.

Links from relevant sites that prove your locality can dramatically help with improving your local search rankings.

  • What to do: Visit your Google Webmaster Tools account and under Site Information go to the Site Links report and be sure to block any links you do not want to potentially appear in results. Images speak loudly about a location and will often play a large role in determining the next step for a searcher.
  • What to do: Make certain all of your images in your Google Places profile are recent and attractive so they drive clicks. Remember to view the image in thumbnail format (81 pixels wide by 56 pixels high) before determining a photo is worthy since that is how searchers will first view the picture.
  • What to do: Try to be included in as many relevant, local-focused websites and directories as possible. Here is a list outlining directories and websites Google is known to consider when evaluating US-based local rankings; Free Guide to Improving Local Search Ranking which does not appear to be too out of date.
  • Finally - The most important lesson to be learned is if you have not claimed the Google Places listing or Bing Local Business Portal listing or Yahoo Local and many other Local directories for your business DO IT NOW! or call Real Traffic Productions for a complete Local Search Marketing Campaign.

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Are Local Links Important?

Yes, local links can bring you relevant and converting traffic. Also at this level your can kind of control most of the details. Some do business listings disappear, but not like articles and syndicated press releases, etc. in which are not earned or as authoritative and trusted as a good business listing. And, local links are a critical part of a diverse profile. Links from good local sites like your Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau aren't likely to get devalued and the sites will not change hands often, usually will not become involved in any frowned upon behavior (only to then get devalued or deindexed.)

Types of Local Links for Online Business Visibility

There are many different types of local links:
  • Search engine local sites (Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local)
  • Business organizations
  • Charities in surrounding area
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Local news publications, TV stations, alternative newspapers
  • Radio stations
  • Local business directories
  • City websites
  • Local bloggers
  • Business partners
  • Universities, colleges, trade schools: list internships, employment available
  • Meetups and sponsored networking events

*note - the Best Links to your business is a same business type in the same market geographically. and if you do not belong to a large group of dealerships, it is not likely that you same or similar business like your competitor will point a link to you if or when you point one to them. Think that through, some same dealer group site will not like to share or loose leads when they are also in direct competition, depends on the level of management ordering the service performed.

The Five Most Important factors for Local Visibility Results

According to the survey, the following five factors are the most important factors that influence the overall ranking of a website in Google's local results:

  • The physical address in the city of search
  • Proper category association
  • The proximity of the address to centroid
  • The domain authority of the website
  • The quantity of structured citations on Internet yellow pages websites and data aggregators
  • It also helps to have the city and the state on the landing page.

Negative influence on your Local Rankings

The top five factors that have a negative influence on your local rankings:

  • A mismatch of phone numbers across data ecosystems. For example, tracking phone numbers can negatively affect your local rankings.
  • Multiple Google Place pages with the same phone number
  • Multiple Google Places pages with the same or similar business title and address
  • A mismatch of the address and/or the phone number on Google Places and the landing page
  • Including location keywords in categories

If our website doesn't have a crawlable version of your name, address and phone number on the landing pages, Google might not also give your website high rankings.