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Reputation Management, Social Media Monitoring, Self Preservation

Most of your consumers research products online. How does your business look?

Reputation and Social Monitoring -  Word of Mouth is the best marketing.  It is that simple.  And Guard against the Negative.

Social Monitoring News:

Need to Set up Reputation and Social Monitoring?  What are the proper channels to monitor?

We can help! Take a closer look at our Social Marketing Platform.  Our full service departmentis here to to allow you do go on with your daily business, as usually.  We will do the work and inform you and your staff of any thing that need extra attention.

Social Marketing | Social Media Management and Lead Generation


Social media takes work, there’s no doubt about it. Any business that has tried running their own Facebook and Twitter profiles knows that gaining new customers is more difficult than it seems.

At the end of the day it comes down to focusing on three areas: 1) Building a Fan Base, 2) Conducting Customer Service, and 3) Generating Leads. VendAsta’s platform is made to guide businesses through these three steps and ensure that they're getting the most out of social.

Building a Social Media Fanbase

Business can make as many posts as they want, but without a decent sized fan base it’s the equivalent of screaming a message into thin air. Social Marketing takes the process of building a fan base and splits it into three actionable stages that are proven to grow audiences as quickly as possible.

Interesting Content

Find Interesting Content to Post

People wouldn’t watch a TV channel if it was 24 hour advertisements, why would they do so on social media? Social Marketing helps businesses find interesting content that their customers will want to share with their friends.

Interesting Content
Discover Local Influencers
Discover Local Influencers

Discover local Influencers to engage with

In a lot of cases, following the right people on social media can be your ticket to getting their attention (and a nice re-follow to boot). Find out who in the local community has the most clout, then get their attention and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Offer Discounts

Offer discounts and coupons that draw in new customers

Offers are still one of the best ways to get people’s attention. Use Facebook and other social networks to turn strangers into fans by letting them try out products and services at no risk.

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Generating Leads with Social

One of the most exciting parts of Social Marketing is the ability to find relevant leads based on searches for keywords and phrases. The results are current and can be based on location -- here's how it works.

Social Leads

The applications are endless. A realtor can tell which Twitter users in their city are tweeting about apartment hunting and send them a link to an open house, or a locksmith can see the angry tweets from people who just locked their keys in their car and reply with a quick message. Finally, social media has measurable ROI. Read More About Generating Leads through Social Media »

Customer Service with Social

Over 51% of Facebook users and 81% of Twitter users expect a response to an online complaint or question within one day. With that kind of time pressure, companies need a way to instantly hear about what their customers are saying to them and reply at the drop of a hat.

With Social Marketing, businesses are notified every time someone is trying to talk to them on social media. Whether they mention their username on Twitter, post a picture or status to their Facebook page, or check-in to a location on Foursquare, business owners will know about it the second it happens and be able to reply straight from the platform.Read More About Social Media's Role in Customer Service »



65% think social media is better than call centers




Having access to suggested content, customer service abilities, and leads data changes the way businesses think about social media. It's that kind of information that helps increase followings and build real ROI.

  • Monitor Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google+, and LinkedIn accounts
  • Schedule posts and preview the content before it goes live
  • Find interesting content that fans will like, comment on, and share
  • Receive alerts anytime someone posts to your business’ Facebook page or mentions your account on Twitter
  • Generate business leads based on what people are talking about in real time


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