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Automotive Internet Marketing Services

Our goal is to help you get the most out of your website. The goal of any website is to drive traffic but most importantly to drive qualified traffic. Make the visit and location of your website a pleasure and easy to find.

Search Engine Friendly - Management Techniques

Quality vs. Quantity

Search Engine Crawler Friendly Techniques

Search Engines are commonly used by approximately 80% of the Internet users in today's market. Your potential customers are using Search Engines and Directories to find your site!

Getting your Website Ready for Quality Traffic – Real Traffic

Standard Operating Procedure: follow the basic rule.  Make your Websites Content Useful to your Audience and of course relevant.

Techniques that search engines are looking for & How are the Search Engine looking for information?

Googlebot: Google's Web Crawler Googlebot is Google's web-crawling robot. As Slurp Yahoo's Crawler. They collect documents from the Internet / web to build a searchable index for the Search Engines. Search engines discover information about your site by employing software known as "Spiders" or "Robots" to crawl the internet / Web with a (Web Crawler). Search Engine do not use a browser as we use on our PC's, Search Engine read as a Document reader in HTML.  Some Elements of design are not going to be recognized by the Search Engines as Images, Java Scripting, Frames, etc...  When these element are used special content will have to be added to offer the search engines that content in a way they will be able to recognize it, as so called alternate content.  This will be the same or similar contnet that is offer in the Image File, Movie File, Java Script or Frames just serverd the the Search Engine Crawlers in a special format they can read.  Once the Spiders find a Web Site, they follow Meta Data, Text and links within the website to gather information about all the pages and adds the content to its Index. Make sure your website navigation can be followed, this does not mean build a SiteMap and call it good.  The use of proper navigation is required.  The Spiders or Web Crawlers periodically revisit web sites to find new or changed content to refresh their MetaData about your website.

The First Step is getting the Real Traffic to your website, Then its up to the Website to Convert the Visitor to an applicant, lead or a phone call.

Successful Automotive Search Engine Optimization requires thorough knowledge and a persistent approach: preparing, placing and updating specialized information for search engines and directories to provide the best possible website ranking and keyword visibility available.

  • Keyword Analysis:  Specialized information from search engine keyword databases of keyword search patterns of internet users combined with the product services and information available on automotive dealership websites.  Along with monitoring search engine-based algorithms ensures the best key phrases, and positions those key words and phrases in the most appropriate locations for the best results
  • Web Site Submission Techniques: Hand posting to the top search engines and directories
  • Rank Reporting: Search Engine Visibility Reporting -- showing current positions with measure
  • Competitive Analysis Reporting: Reporting on Keywords of your Competition, Where Is Your Competition?

What are the Search Engine looking for?

TEXT – TEXT – TEXT ! - #1 add text to your website's Web Site & ALL Web Pages

  • Individual Page Titles <TILE> Title Per Page </TITLE>
  • Individual Page Description <DESCRIPTION> Enticing Description Per Page </DESCRIPTION>
  • Individual Page Keywords <KEYWORDS> Keywords Per Page </KEYWORDS>
  • Header code <h1>XXX</h1>
    <h3>XXX </h3>
  • Anchors (keyword Targets) <A>XXX</A>
  • Heading Code and Anchor tags
    <a href="">ABC Make City State</a>
  • Image alt statements "alt" attribute- (that are specifically keyword targeted)
  • Text Links “href”
  • Site Map – Standard HTML Links
Search Engine Guidelines:
  • Use only well-formed HTML code in your pages.
  • Ensure that all tags are closed, and that all links function properly.
  • Move a page! Have a redirect from old page (URL) to new page.
  • Redirect your site address with an HTTP 301- When your site address changes permanently, we recommend that you create an HTTP 301 redirect. The 301 redirect tells search engine crawlers, to remove the old URL and use the new URL. You may see some change in your search engine ranking, particularly if your new site is redesigned for search engine optimization. It may take up to six weeks to see the changes reflected on your pages.
  • HTTP 404 - (Redirected from 404 error) HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with the server but either the server could not find what was requested, or it was configured not to fulfill the request and not reveal the reason why. Changing Website Host / Designer? Make sure the new Host / Designer uses HTTP 404 to pick up the no longer found subpages.
  • Use a robots.txt file or meta tags to control (Dictate) web crawlers how index your site.
  • Keep your URLs simple and static.
  • Add a site map. Links embedded are not accessible to web crawlers/Robots unless they appear in your site map.

Web Crawlers/Robots -

Areas that may need extra help are pages that load a frame, you need to create “noframes” tags to provide keyword relevancy of frame content. As well as any pages that use scripts, you need to create “noscript” tags to provide script content. Both of these work well if your design is using flash and flash navigation. But be careful any abuse will be noticed and or create issues (keep it relevant).Adding pages to your website is essential – more depth.You use the pages as Landing Pages giving your target focus a soft landing:Secondary pages or landing pages need a separate title, description and keyword phrases
Additional city target pages (lateral page)
Parts page: make parts accessories
Make Model Parts: make model parts accessories (more depth)
Service page: city make service repair state
Finance Page: city car loan finance make state
Bad Credit Special Financing: city car loan bad credit

Landing pages need plenty of unique text, individual page titles, individual meta descriptions should be specific to every page and contain text that is relevant to the keyphrases that page is aimed at, bold text,  heading code, links to other resources on the website with anchor tags (keyword weight link text) and "alt" attributes for the pictures or image for visual appeal.Be sure to include these pages in a site map page so that they can be picked up by the next crawl on your website.

 The keywords that are actively searched on a daily and or even monthly basis is the key to quality targets. We build out each marketing campaign to target the active keywords for each demographic, for company names domains any common misspellings, demographic brand loyal and demographic ghost (some in the market looking for a new used car truck etc…).

Find out what keywords are active in your market: click here for free tools, for example type in your city and make or your city and car – have fun. These are your targets.  You are only limited by the amount of search engine traffic that is available.  The search engine traffic is alreeady there you just have to know how to tap into it.  Your website traffic is dependant upon how well your website matches your market or target keywords.  Use the techniques that enable you to achieve your goals.  Bring in the traffic or opportunity to your website, once you have accomplished a consistent flow of quality traffic.  Also improve your website cobversions by adding conversion tools; marketing promotions, offerings, etc…  Try to keep visitors coming back as often as you can, post maintenance tips, weekly coupons, Parts specials, Service specials.  Let us know what you find works the best for your dealership,  call us we will share with you what other dealerships have tried and what they found works for them, in imporving their website conversions.

Give your companys website the advantage of a low-cost method of driving self-qualified Real Traffic to your website as well as out positioning the competition.

Real Traffic Productions - Driving Traffic to your Website!
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