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Our Goal is to Increase the Quality of Car Dealers Website Traffic with Automotive Search Engine Optimization!

Search Engine Optimization has the lowest cost per sale / acquisition than any form of advertising - online or offline! Costs are lower than pay-per-click (PPC), Video Search Engine Optimization, direct mailings, yellow pages, newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. Yet SEO or an properly optimized wesite delivers exactly the kind of customers every business is looking for, customers that are actively looking for the products and services they have to offer.  Most businesses do not invest enough in optimization work.
Real Traffic Productions provides Automotive Internet Marketing Services known as Automotive Search Engine Optimization Services.  We want to help you get the most out of your Automotive Web Site. As the goal of any website is to Drive Real Traffic but most importantly to Drive Qualified Visitor Traffic, Quality vs. Quantity, Now Thats Real Traffic.

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Automotive Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization / Meta Tag Management
The process of making your web site friendly and readable to search engine and their HTML document readers (Spiders Robots and or Crawlers).
Search Engine Optimization - SEO: the pursuit of qualified visitors to a site, and the quality of visitor traffic can be measured by how often a visitor using a specific keyword phrase leads to a desired conversion action, such as making a purchase.

SEO is marketing by understanding how search algorithms work and what human visitors might search for, to help match those visitors with sites offering what they are interested in finding.

Because effective SEO can require making changes to the source code of a site, it is often very helpful when incorporated into the initial development and design of a site, leading to the use of the term "Search Engine Friendly" to describe designs, menus, content management systems and shopping carts that can be optimized easily and effectively.

SEO consists of several key elements that work together to generate increases in a website's rankings, traffic and conversions: Keyword Selection, Copywriting, Link Building, HTML Optimization and Analytics. Let's take a look at each element in more detail:

Keywords & Phrases - Popular / Day / Competitive/ Direct
Search Engines are commonly used by approximately 80% of the Internet users in today's market. Your potential customers are using Search Engines and Directories to find your site! Millions of searches are conducted each day on popular search engines by people all around the world. What are they looking for? How are they Looking? Most likely, with Keyword Searches, Popular Keywords, Day Keywords, Competitive Keywords and Direct Navigation.

Popular Keywords or Phrases (sophisticated phrases): Volume of queries over time, popularity of terms and popularity over time
Example of a poular Keyword: Chicago Honda, Ford Tampa, Used Car Kansas City.
Best used as: copy / text onsite, page titles, descriptions, keywords, anchors, image alt statements.

Day Keywords or Phrase (elemetary terms) are as simple it sounds which are needed as text on site to better match for results on popular keywords and competitive keywords.
Example of Day Words are: Car, New Car, Used Car...
(Instead of or along side the generic programmer keywords as; Preowned Vehicles, Vehicle Inventory)
Best used as: on site with in alt images and navigation.

Competitive Keywords or Phrase "The Big Money Keywords" Unfortunately, these keywords are also extremely competitive, in many cases broad in nature.
Example of a cometitve Keyword: Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda... and simply your URL/Website address
Best used as: As much as you can, were you can, when it make sense.

Combining all theses techniques and keywords styles work together or complement to bring Quailty Traffic.

Another Source of Keyword search in Search Engine Databases:
Direct navigation - This is Domains/URL (your website address) typed directly in the web browser, or with in the Search Bar on a Search Engine.

Additional Domains Registered for Forwards.
Best Used as to monitor advertising soruces, Fear of Loss and or because you can. 

Getting potential customers to your site is only half the battle; you've got to convince them to buy. That's where persuasive copywriting comes in. Be sure to tell people why they need your products or services and include conversion points throughout the site. The search engines like content, so you also need to optimize your copy to include your keywords.

Link Building
Link building is an online popularity contest, and the search engines like the popularity.  Your success in the search engines depends, in part, on the amount of relevant incoming links to your site. Of course, having lots of good links also drives customers to your site, which is a good thing, too. Links can come from various sources, including directories, business partners, organizations, social media sites, and more...  Just make sure that the link sources are a benifit to the website.

HTML Optimization
Title tags, header tags, Alt tags, Meta-descriptions -- the search engines want your site's HTML to be descriptive and clean. Search engines want to know exactly what your page is about; the way they want to see it and quick, they are very picky.  The Search Engines do not want to sort through extraneous code to figure it out.  In order to promote having clean code and how to use CSS is very important and your positioning deends on it

Measuring Success
No SEO campaign is complete without analytics. After all, if you aren't measuring things like traffic, link popularity, and conversions, then how do you know if your SEO strategies are working?  

Registration and Submission
Website Registration and submission techniques, Hand Posting to the Top Search Engine and Directories, like Google, BING/MSN, Yahoo Web Results, AOL, Ask, Yahoo Directory, Open Directory, Yellow Pages, Super Pages, etc...  Assures when potential or current clients use their favorite search engine, that they will be able to see your site when searching. WHY NOT BE FIRST? The first shot is the best shot! Wouldn't you agree?

Best yet, lead generation by your own Website will not influence the customer with third party products like Financing or Creditor Insurance, retaining your full front and back end potential.

Give your company the advantage of a low-cost method of driving self-qualified Real Traffic to your website as well as out positioning the competition.

Ultimately, positioning depends on the search engines themselves and what algorithms the search engines use to rank a site based on key phrases. This is an ever-changing world of technology, with a little mystery thrown in to get the Real Traffic.

Because search engine ranking criteria is always changing, Automotive Search Engine Optimization cannot be thought of as a one time fix-it-all type of solution. It requires ongoing maintenance and dedication to understanding how search engines locate, retrieve, index, list, and rank findings. Professional ethical SEO requires time, dedication, and committment.  Get Real Traffic FOREVER the Right Way.

Real Traffic Productions - Driving Traffic to your Website!
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Phone: (941) 744-2500 Fax: (941) 744-2505
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