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Benefits of Automotive Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  1. Complements your current advertising in Newspaper, TV, Radio, Business Cards, etc...
  2. Reduction in the overall cost per lead, when generated by your own website
  3. Consumer finds more accurate results in a shorter period of time
  4. Alternative entrance to your business with highly focused self-qualified traffic
  5. Control your online marketing stragegies with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?        Confused about SEO, Don't Be Real Traffic Will clear the Confusion

Watch this Video on How Google Search Works?

The Introduction to Automotive Search Engine Optimization or Automotive SEO, Car Dealer SEO Services, Automotive Marketing and Online Advertising 

A search engine helps users find the things they're looking for online. The user types a word or phrase, called a query, into the search engine, which then displays a set of results that are relevant to the query.  Most search engines provide two types of results listings in response to the same user query: organic (also called "natural" or "free") listings, and paid listings (i.e., advertisements).

Most search engines rank the results within each type of listing -- in other words, they determine in what order to show the listings on the results page -- according to how relevant the result is to the user's query, with the most relevant appearing at the top of the page.
Each search engine calculates relevancy in a different way for each type of result (organic and paid). This is one of the main differences between one search engine and another, and it's a factor in many users' decisions about which search engine to use.

Although both organic and paid results appear in response to the same user query, the results are independent of each other. The ranking of an organic search result has no bearing on the ranking of any ads, and vice versa. This makes it possible for an advertiser to perform well in the paid listings and have an ample online presence, even if their site isn't present in the top organic search results.

In the Search Engine organic results, relevancy to the user's query is determined by many factors for Google Right now over 200 factors.

Paid Search also uses a combination of factors to rank paid listings, which is another topic.  Each type of listing -- organic and paid -- has a type of marketing approach associated with it

Automotive Search Engine Optimization

Automotive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves building new websites, or changing existing websites, so that they rank highly in a search engine's organic (Web Results) listings when users search on terms that are related to the site's content.

Automotive Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay Per Click (PPC) is the process of promoting and marketing a website through paid listings (paid advertisements) on search engines and seach networks.  Our Primary Focus at Real Traffic is on SEO in which influences better relevancy for PPC landing pages.

Automotive Search Engine Optimization / Automotive SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a Web Site or a Web Page within the search engines "Web Search" via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.  In general, the earlier (or higher on the page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine visitors including Car Dealer Websites.

Promoting a Web Presence and a digital footprint in a digital environment; including their usage of TV, mobile phone, internet and world wide web, mobile web and other devices and sensors, can help ensure that your first impression is a good one. Digital footprints provide data on what an entity has performed in the digital environment; and are valuable in assisting behavioral targeting, personalisation, targeted marketing, digital reputation, and other social media or social graphing services.  A digital footprint is the size of an individuals online presence; as it relates to the number of individuals they interact with.

Automotive SEO complements your current forms of advertising TV, Newspaper, Radio, and protects against unscrupulous advertisers attempting to capture even the simplest invasion of Company Name Placements in the Search Results, sell the lead back to you, you ultimately pay for the lead twice as promoted from name recognition generated from earlier mentioned forms of advertising or if not a client of the unscrupulous advertisers, they sell the lead to the competition.  Search Optimization offers many benefits; Top Search Visibility, Opportunities, Reduction in the overall cost per lead and consumers find more accurate results in a shorter period of time.
Today it is getting better, site information architects and web designers / programmers develop web sites with many usability and technical requirements in mind. Because the web grows so rapidly, optimal search engine positioning requires a persistent approach that is well integrated with your Website Designing, Internet Marketing and Traditional Marketing Strategies.

Search Engine Visibility, Positioning and Ranking depends on the Search Engines and the algorithms the search engines use to rank a web site based on key phrases. This is an ever-changing world of technology, with the proper knowledge obtained from the source, hand-posting and the careful watch of the search engines and directories, top visibility placement is achievable.

The Quality of Content, that's the only common factor in all 3 major search engines' ranking methods, The Big 3 Being Google, Yahoo, and BING / MSN. Each Search Engine uses a little different method and technology to arrive at any given web site's ranking under specific search terms. (Mathematical) But the One thing that stands out is "CONTENT", Above all else, have relevant content targeting your presence on every page of your website! Every page offers an alternate entrance for a specific focus, use it to your advantage.  The Goal is to get to the top or first place and stay in the top position.

Click Here to Request Information or Answers to Questions on Optimizing your Website.

[Pay Per Click Advertising has no influence on Search Engine Optimization Results, but SEO does effect the quality scoring of the Pay Per Click (PPC) Landing Pages, which results in costing you less per click]

Automotive SEO | Automotive Search Engine Optimization | Real Traffic

Automotive Search Engine Optimization/SEO is our Passion!  Automotive Search Engine Optimization for Car Dealers is a skill, designed by goals.

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